Meet Melanie

Hey there! I am Melanie, the woman behind Real Strong Mom.

I am a Minnesota mom of 2 boys and and a girl. When I was a little I dreamed of being a mom and now my family is complete, my dreams are a reality and I couldn’t be more happy and content with life. I love being a mama and wife to my best friend. Home is definitely where my heart is.

In addition to being a stay at home mom I am a certified personal trainer and strength training enthusiast. I have a passion for lifting heavy weights and I am committed to helping women discover what it feels like to be strong. I want to help take the scary out of lifting heavy and show women that being strong is more than physical. Yes lifting weights will help you get toned, fit, and healthy but it will also help you to be confident, inspired, motivated, and in love with your body.

A few years ago I finally decided that I needed to make a change.

This is me after my 3rd baby right before I decided to end the cardio and start lifting.

I was stuck in a cardio rut and a friend of mine was having some success with a weightlifting program. She looked so good, she had built muscle and was starting to achieve the “toned” look I desired.  Surprisingly, I had absolutely no idea that in order to achieve the “toned” look I wanted – I needed to lift weights. Like most women I never imagined myself lifting heavy weights. But I was exercising more and eating less, I was miserable and I still wasn’t seeing the results I hoped for. So I decided to try it. And I haven’t looked back since, in fact I LOVE strength training and what it has done for me so much that I absolutely feel like it is my duty to share it with other women.


Making a little progress!


A little more progress..


This is where I am today! Happy and Strong!


Just over two years of lifting heavy


It is my goal to help women start and continue their weightlifting journey through simple programs and support as they learn how it feels to be strong, fit, and healthy.

Who I am:
Founder of Real Strong Mom
Certified Personal Trainer
Weightlifting/ Strength Training Coach
Health and Fitness Blogger
Busy mom of 3

What I do:

Things I LOVE:
Being a Mom
Lifting heavy weights
Kettle bells
Peanut Butter
Pool Days



Where you can find me: