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Staying active and fit through the Holidays is nearly impossible, especially as a busy mom. We are seriously pressed for time right now as we are trying hard to fit it all in and make this time of year as special as possible for our families.

Instead of "Screw it I'll start over in January." Lets make it work amidst all the chaos that is being a mama during the Holidays. We deserve to take care of ourselves too and I am going to make help you make it happen!!

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The #Fitmas15 Downloadable PDF Guide is for you if:

  • You are crazy busy and need a QUICK and effective workout
  • You want to make time to workout but are having a hard time #makingitallfit
  • You have a set of dumbbells
  • You have 15 minutes
  • You have the drive to push with intensity and work hard for 15 minutes

Are you frustrated with the lack of time and energy you have right now to put into exercise and taking care of you? You keep trying to “make it work” with your busy schedule and the craziness of the season keeps getting in the way?!

This FREE workout guide is for the mama who wants to exercise this holiday season but simply NEEDS it to be quick and effective!

Move your body, lift heavy weights, get heated, feel the burn and get results in only 15 minutes a day.

It calls for a very specific mode of training to get the most out of ONLY 15 minutes and see results.

You simply cannot change your body in only 15 minutes without knowing the most effective way to do it.
The #Fitmas15 has got you covered.

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