My Mission

I created Real Strong Mom out of a passion for weight lifting and a passion for helping women learn that strength training not only builds physical strength and a healthy toned body, it also builds confidence and empowers women to be their very best. I help women get strong with simple strength training programs and support so they can be fit, healthy, and confident.

I founded Real Strong Mom on a few core values that speak to me and share my message:

– Build a lifestyle of balance and moderation.

– Never deprive yourself of things that you love and never do things you hate because you think that you should.

– You aren’t in competition with anyone but yourself. Move forward everyday and be better today than yesterday.

– Work really hard for the things that you want, there are no quick fixes or magic pills, only hard work and dedication. If it seems to good to be true it is.

– Be compassionate towards yourself and others – always.

– Always have a positive attitude and outlook.

– Being strong physically is just a piece of a bigger picture. And this bigger picture is being empowered, healthy, and amazing inside and out because you have decided to make long term lifestyle choices.

– You are beautiful and deserve love, especially from yourself, no matter the size of your jeans, the number on the scale, if you had cake for breakfast, or if its been months since you exercised… You still deserve love and to be treated well.