Meet Melanie

Hey there! I am Melanie, the woman behind Real Strong Mom. I am a Minnesota mom of 2 boys and and a girl. When I was a little I dreamed of being a mom and now my family is complete, my dreams are a reality and I couldn’t be more happy and content with life. […]

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Work With Me

Are you interested in becoming your STRONGEST self? Are you ready to learn how to lift weights and build muscle? YES! YOU ARE!! That’s why you are here! I help women get strong with simple strength training programs and support to help them get fit, healthy, and confident. Are you ready to take your fitness […]

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Latest Posts

The top 5 mistakes we make when “watching what we eat”

February 4, 2017 | No Comments

Tomorrow is… I will be home with my family for a lazy Sunday funday. But many of you will enjoy time with friends and family at a super bowl party or maybe even some time at a bar for a few drinks while you enjoy the game. No matter how you watch the game or […]

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To the little girl with freckles and big teeth, you are so beautiful!  

February 3, 2017 | No Comments

I have a lot of freckles and when I was younger I really HATED them! I can remember sitting in front of the mirror crying and trying to scrub them off. I can also remember being at a store and a child said to his mom “what’s all over that girls face?” I would smile […]

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What most people don’t know about protein.

January 31, 2017 | No Comments

There isn’t a one size fits all approach to dieting… But when it comes to dieting there is one thing that we know for certain and this is that a diet high in protein is better than a diet low in protein. Here is some awesome info you should know  about protein: When I made a serious […]

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