Are you feeling fed up with trendy new workout programs and quick fix plans and want to finally find a long term solution with lasting results?

Do you struggle because you don’t have the right tools to get you there?

Is your lack of motivation keeping you from getting and staying on track?

Are you ready to try something new but you are unsure how or where to even start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

What is the Real Strong Coaching Club?

The Real Strong Coaching Club is an online community of women dedicated to living a strong lifestyle.

The goal of this coaching club is to help show women that it is possible to find a long term lasting solution to their health and fitness goals.

With the support of me and the coaching club community we will:

  • Learn to lift weights to lose weight, build muscle, and get results.
  • Discover workouts we can fit into our day that are effective and efficient.
  • Find simple solutions to health and fitness problems we face everyday.
  • Learn how to eat the foods we love in moderation without restriction.
  • Adopt lasting healthy habits that keep us from ever needing another plan again.

Nikki, MN

I have been working with Melanie since May of 2017 and I can tell you that was one of the best decisions I have made! I was not a heavy lifter prior to joining one of her challenges so I was not sure what to expect. But the results have been fantastic and Melanie has made it so easy for me to want to continue on my journey. She is always a step ahead with encouraging words in the morning (before the sun even rises!), provides great feedback that has helped me with my progress and is understanding if I am struggling with a particular workout and works directly with me to fix the issue. 

Melanie has been a terrific mentor these last three months. I would highly recommend working with Melanie at Real Strong Mom. Her insight, contagious outlook, and genuine care for women's' well-being is unsurpassed!"

I know that you are tired.

I know that you are lacking motivation.

I know that you desperately want to get back on track and finally see the results you have trying so hard to achieve.

I know that you want to find a sustainable approach to health and fitness.

I get it because like you I have tried ALLLL the plans, quick fix programs, diets and different ways to lose the weight. As much as I hate to admit this I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight. My whole entire life I have been worried and focused on being smaller and constantly trying to lose the last 10 pounds.

Hi I’m Melanie!

I am fully charged by lifting heavy weights, being a mom, and helping women fall in love with being strong.

But seriously? Who has time for this?

We have tried so hard to find the “perfect” plan to see results and be accountable but finding one that we like and can do long term is always a challenge.

As a personal trainer and strength training enthusiast I hear you and I can help you. I want you to see that with the right tools we can get back on track. I will show you. I will be there for you as you learn the best way to make the most of your time. I will motivate you to make the best choices for YOU! I will show you the way as we learn how to lift weights and get strong using simple programs and support. Every step of the way I will be there, you do not have to do this alone.  

Megan, PA

Real Strong Mom is a straight-forward and effective program, and Melanie is an outstanding coach, who is accessible, motivating and knowledgeable - forming the perfect combination for individual success!

After years of constant cardio exercise - running, spinning, boot camp classes, eliptical machines, etc. - I wasn't seeing the changes in my body to reflect the amount of time I was putting in. In 6 months with Melanie and her RSM program, I've lost inches all over, built muscle and toned my body while spending less time in the gym to do it.

Lifting weights was fairly new to me and she made it easy with how-to videos, constructive feedback and constant encouragement. If you follow the plan you'll see the results: lift heavy, eat your body weight in protein, use the 80/20 balance and know it's a lifestyle change that you can stick to - not a fad that you'll be bored with in a month.

I'm stronger, more confident and haven't deprived myself of anything that I love. I'm thrilled with the results and my journey is only beginning!

Who is this club for?

  • Women ready to lose weight using a long term sustainable approach.
  • Women ready to start lifting weights and getting strong but are unsure where to start.
  • Women ready to adopt a plan that works towards real results that last.
  • Women who are busy and will benefit from quick and effective strength training workouts.
  • Women who need daily motivation and accountability.
  • Women who struggle to remain consistent over time.
  • Women who would like to have a certified trainer by their side to guide them without spending a fortune.

This club is for all women who are ready to fall in love with being strong!

Who is this club NOT for?

  • Women looking for a quick fix or FAST weight loss.
  • Women who don’t want to lift weights.
  • Women who want a strict meal plan and food restrictions
  • Women who aren’t interested in making a long term change.
  • Women who don’t have at least 20 minutes a day to focus on themselves.
  • Women who don’t need the support of a coach and other women like them.

Dawn, MN

Melanie at Real Strong Moms is everything I wanted in a coach. She has true knowledge and experience of a weight lifter. She not only listened to me, she heard me. She offered me both soft and hard encouragement at the perfect times. She was quick to communicate with me whenever I needed it.

She gave me alternative lifting styles when an original style did not work for me. Every form was explained well and had video examples to back it up.

Along with lifting, she explained stretching and rest, cardio and abs, nutrition with shared recipes, and calculations to help me gauge my needs and improvements.

I highly recommend hiring Melanie as your one on one weight lifting coach to increase your muscle strength, confidence, and overall health. Every community and family benefits from Strong Moms!

What can you expect?

The Real Strong Coaching Club is designed to give you the tools to begin and continue your journey to get strong and lead a healthy and fit life. I am here to guide you as you learn to incorporate lifting weights into your workout, discover the basics of simple nutrition, and make the time to focus on YOU.

Together we will begin a sustainable journey with lasting results so that we never have to start over or get “back on track” again.

As a result of working with me and the Real Strong Coaching Club you will understand that healthy, fit, and strong does not have to be complicated or all consuming.

Getting rid of the extremes helps us take a moderate and attainable approach to exercise in order to be consistent long term. Let’s live life healthy, fit, and strong and enjoy every bit of it along the way.

By joining the Real Strong Coaching Club you will get:

  • Private Facebook Group (Club Members Only)
  • Daily access to me and the ladies in the group to ask questions and comment
  • Password protected area for coaching club ladies ONLY with resources and videos
  • 4 NEW workouts each month and workout calendar
  • 4 NEW Fast Focus Workouts for an added challenge each month if you choose!
  • Monthly focus, emails and challenges to help you achieve your goals
  • Basic nutrition guidance and recipe links
  • Weekly LIVE chats via FB

Denise, MN

I started lifting in Feb/march 2017 and I haven't stopped. I've slowly increased weights every week and have only missed one or two workouts in the last 6 months. I get an inspirational message from Melanie every morning telling me to get my move on, and it helps to know someone out there is cheering for me on! Everyday I get down to my exercise room and lift heavy weights! This hasn't always been easy for me... I wasn't very motivated. But I'm so proud of myself I'm doing it everyday and I'm doing things I never thought I could do. I bought a kayak this year and I can pick it up and put in the truck and take it out on my own to put it in the lake.

This is a life change, so baby steps. I see changes my arms don't flip flap underneath like they used to and I am proud to show off my arm and shoulder muscles. And I have more energy!!
Who would of thought a 58 year old grandma would be lifting bad ass heavy weights?!

Melanie has coached me through all of this and taught me how to love myself and my accomplishments. She is a Real Strong Mom and she knows how to juggle it all. 

I have figured out that there's no sense in procrastination -- have a cup of coffee but get off your butt and work out or you'll be mad at yourself all day. I'm a much happier grandma now!

I've also learned from Melanie that you should eat the cake.. don't deprive yourself of what you like! Just plan for it, just do it, I'm losing weight slowly but I also track my food daily to stay in my calorie range. And I still have a cocktails!!

I'm not there yet but I'm getting stronger and more confident in my skin, it's a journey and I'm liking it!

Let's break it down!

  • As a part of this coaching club you will receive the opportunity to become your strongest self. I will give you all the best tools to help you discover what it takes to be comfortable in your body as you gain confidence and strength.

  • From there you will continue to succeed with me as your coach and women who are just like you by your side. I promise that once you realize that you are capable all of the other STRONG stuff will fall into place.

What happens next?

  • Upon purchase you will receive an email from me with all the information you need to get into the password protected area and the private Facebook group.

    If you don’t get an email within 30 minutes check you spam and then email me at The Coaching Club membership is a month to month investment and you are welcome to stay as long as you like.

Leah, MN

I was introduced to Melanie through a friend/co-worker, who herself used to be a personal trainer, she had suggested I check out the Real Strong Mom and see what lifting heavy was really all about.

I had absolutely no experience lifting weights, I was always the girl at the gym doing cardio, too intimidated to even attempt to lift...until I met Melanie. I started with Melanie in a free private group on Facebook, where she introduced myself and several other women to lifting, needless to say after that group I was hooked.

Immediately upon finishing this group challenge with her I signed up for 1 on 1 coaching and I am so happy I did. Melanie is an amazing trainer, during the 3 months I spent working with her she was always upbeat, uplifting and tons of fun. She knew when to be tough with me and she never once stopped pushing me to reach that next level. She also taught me how to eat healthy (not just diet); how to train my body with awesome combinations of cardio and strength training; and how to re-energize my soul. She truly believes in each one of her clients and does whatever she can to help motivate them to succeed. I am confident in her abilities to take the knowledge and experience she has to help people reach their fitness goals, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get fit!

Thanks to Melanie, I have gained strength, endurance, and lost several inches around my waist. Thank you so much, Melanie, everything you taught me is truly appreciated!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • q-iconDo I need Facebook to join the club?

    While you can most definitely join without a Facebook account you will not receive all the benefits of being a member without it. All of the interaction and communication among members and the support you will receive from me will be in our private Facebook group. Having this aspect of the club will definitely enhance your experience as a club member.

  • q-iconWhat Equipment do I need to be a part of the club?

    Most exercises in the club are performed using dumbbells. I suggest having a set of adjustable weight dumbbells or at the very minimum a set of light and heavy weights.

  • q-iconCan I do this at home?

    YES! As long as you have the proper equipment all of the club workouts can be performed at home!

  • q-iconWhat if I want to cancel?

    There is no contract. If you decide that the Real Strong Coaching Club is not for you that is OK. Just cancel via paypal and you will be removed from the Facebook group and no longer have access to the password protected resource area. When you become a member you are doing so for ONE month at a time and you are free to stay as long as you like!